Living with the In-laws and a Birthday Party

Yes… I have been on yet another hiatus. This time it wasn’t all my fault. 🙂

Long story short, we had a sewage flood in the home that we were renting that caused massive contamination of the third floor of the home. Considering the conditions and the fact that we have a toddler, the hubby and I decided it was best if we just call it quits at that location. We are in the process of building a new home, but it is not quite ready yet. So, in the mean-time, we are living with the in-laws, in the bonus room, above their garage……… down by the river. No, seriously, the Flint River. 🙂 (Hey, gotta make light of the situation any chance I get!) All jokes aside, we are very thankful that we have this option.

Our nephew, Clayton, loves Star Wars and just turned 6. So guess what?! He had a Star Wars Party! And I got to help out! Here are a few pictures from the celebration.


Massive Menu Monday: Recipe Edition – New Orleans Shrimp and Peppers

I love shrimp. I can eat it cooked almost anyway…

However, this shrimp dish has become my most recent favorite.

Doesn’t that look yummy?

Next time I may toss it over some long grain rice or couscous….oh, the options!

Check out the recipe here.


Pinterest Pin(s) of the Day: 05.01.12

While talking to my friend, Jennifer, about making the homemade laundry detergent, we got on the subject of all DIY cleaners and tricks. I had told her about several that I currently utilize. Of course, being the pin-a-holic that she is, she asked me if this information was on my Pinterest or on my Blog…and unfortunately, they were not…….

Until Now. 🙂

I now have a board that is compiled of DIY Cleaning Recipes, Tips and Tricks. Most of these I have tried and the others, I have every intention on trying at some point.

Well, enough of my chit-chat, go check ’em out!

My DIY Cleaners and Tips Board 

Know any “Nifty and Thrifty” Cleaning recipes, tips or tricks?

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Pinterest Pin of the Day: 04.04.12



I tried this tutorial twice, just as it is written. Turned out awesome. Great presentation! However, my husband suggested that maybe I could just slice the strawberries in half rather than “wasting” the inside. You know, since presentation doesn’t matter at home. 🙂 Plus, he added, that it would save time. Well….

I made them the “hubby-way” tonight. I have to say, my nerves like this way much better, as cleaning out the insides took extra patience this Momma doesn’t always have to apply to food prep. It gave us more dessert pieces, at the same time allowing for bite-size pieces that seem to have the right amount of ratio of each ingredient. However, it didn’t save that much time, if any, because I had to add an extra step of placing in the fridge for 30 minutes. I had to do the chocolate drizzle first, in a step all its own, so that the chocolate could harden and then allow me to flip the strawberries over for the cheesecake filling step.

Here is my outcome:

The chocolate drizzle step

Ready to devour…


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