Massive Menu Monday: Recipe Edition – Old World Chicken and Vegetables

We paired this with a cheese & garlic toast and side salad — a delightful dinner and very easy to make (in the crock pot!). Enjoy!

Check out the recipe on my PepperPlate!


Massive Menu Monday: Recipe Edition – Crispy Cheddar Chicken

If you are like me, you are always trying new recipes and those recipes come from several different sources. Prints from the internet, torn pages from magazines, back of packages, written on envelopes or napkins from cell phone conversations with you rMom…needless to say, you probably have recipes everywhere!

Well, here is the solution to it all: This site is amazing! You can manually add recipes or you can import recipes from supporting sites. You can categorize, edit and even PLAN your menus. It also comes with a shopping list feature!  Oh by the way, it is free! And, it has mobile capabilities! That is one of my favorite features, as it removes all paper recipes while cooking. I just simply take my Nook to the kitchen, pull up the recipe on my FREE Pepperplate App and begin cooking! Yes, I will say it again, … AH-MAZING! So..Go check it out!

But first, here is a simple, easy and tasty recipe!

Go check it out on my Pepperplate site!

Crispy Cheddar Chicken on Pepperplate

And, once you get your own Pepperplate account (’cause I know you will),

be sure to add it to your recipes!