Fantastic Foto Fridays

Fantastic Foto Fridays: 8.17.12

With all my friends buying school supplies for their littles, I am reminded of the joy I felt when going with my mom to buy new crayons, notebooks, pencils and the other necessities to begin school in the fall.

It was something about the unused, undisturbed, colorful objects that were mine… that were going to help me succeed that year. Not because they made me better at my school work, but because of how they made me feel!

I loved new school supplies!

Source: Mark Watson –

Fantastic Foto Fridays: 8.10.12

Art Appreciation – – Street Painting/Chalk Art

These things are amazing…


I have yet to see one in real life, maybe one day I can go to Larimer Square in Denver and see several artists all in one weekend! Definately adding that trip to the bucket list!

Want to see more like this one, visit my Chalk It Up Pinterest Board!

You can also check out some interesting history and facts about street painting here.

What kind of ‘art’ fascinates you?

Fantastic Foto Fridays: 6.8.12

I know I have been M.I.A the last little bit…getting back on track, I hope.

I couldn’t resist….


Fantastic Foto Fridays: 5.25.12

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.”

~ Norman Schwarzkopf

(U.S. Army officer who commanded Operation Desert Storm, b.1934)

Source: Flickr – Paul Marotta, Perfect Bokeh Photography

To all those who have served, who are serving and who will serve:

Thank you for your courage, commitment and sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Fantastic Foto Fridays 05.18.12

I love everything about this photo…

 Source: JWL Photography – Sisters

This guy does amazing work.

You can check out his blog here!

And, his adorable little girls have a blog! Check it out here!

Fantastic Foto Fridays 03.30.12

Have you ever been photo bombed???

(…by a SLOTH?)


Image Credit: Caters News Agency

Article Source:


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