About Me

I am a daughter, sister, mommy and wife. I’m a sweet tea drinking, stay at home mom who loves to read/watch a good murder-mystery-forensic story, cheer on my favorite sports team, get suckered into a drama-filled reality show, attempt a new recipe from time to time and craft until my little heart’ s content.

Keith is my best friend. He is a wonderful “other half” and an amazing father to our little one. He is a family loving, “Roll Tide” saying, war game video playing, sports fanatic and homebuilder who has the patience that Baby E and I lack, can make me smile at any moment, puts up with my crafty mess and works as hard as he possibly can allowing me to enjoy these precious moments with our son. I am very blessed, each and every day, that God brought us together to share our lives and begin this fun little family.

Easton (aka “E” or “Baby E”) is our sweet, full of personality, stubborn at times, one year old son. He loves his Daisy, to dance, Moose A. Moose, sorting & stacking his toys and has to carry his own real big boy television remote to sleep overs with the grandparents (or he will commandeer  theirs). I am sure you will get to know E a lot more as this blog grows, as he will be doing the same and I am sure I will talk about him…just a little, okay, maybe a lot. 🙂

Daisy is our 6 year old English Setter. She is definitely a Daddy’s Girl but tolerates Baby E very nicely. They are well on their way to becoming best friends. As for me and Daisy…we have a love/hate relationship – and it shows when she steals my seat,  just out of spite, after I leave the room. (I think we have secretly grown on each other…shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, as I don’t think she wants it to be public knowledge.)

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