New life to your old digs…

I am a news and current events addict…  I love watching my Good Morning America. And now, we have the pleasure of seeing some of the cast twice a day, on               Good Afternoon America! I LOVE IT!

On Thursday, GAA debuted their new segment “Trash to Treasures.” And, of course, this is right up my alley!

They decided to open with a refashion topic – You know….how to revive those old clothes in the back of your closet, think outside the box when rummaging through the clothes rack at the thrift stores and ideas for those one hundred gazillion t-shirts your hubby brings home from work that was given to him by Joe-Schmoe Salesman that really doesn’t fit anyone in the house…

They invited The Refashionista herself, Jillian Owens, to help with this segment and show off her amazing refashions. If you have not heard of her, check her out here.

She showed two pieces … but one really caught my eye. If I wore dresses…If I wore strapless dresses,… I would SO WEAR THIS.

Source: GAA

Pair it some cute wedges for a night out or some good ole cowgirl boots to your favorite SEC game and/or tailgate party this fall!

 See how she did it here.

What have you refashioned lately?

Want some more ideas on adding a new breathe to some old threads…

 Visit my pinterest board for inspiration!

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