A Promise to my Little Puddin’ Face

As I mentioned previously, my son can be a bit picky and has a “touch test” for his food.  I completely mostly blame myself for that characteristic and also the one that defines the fact that he doesn’t care to get dirty.

This morning, my husband thought it would be a cool idea to dump strawberry pudding onto his high chair tray and let him “have at it.” That he may enjoy it that way and might actually eat something that was not crunchy. I cringed at agreed. The whole time I felt uneasy and a bit disturbed that I was allowing my child to get dirty. I instantly went upstairs and prepared his bath. Keith stated that Easton didn’t absolutely have to get a bath right that moment – that we could simply wipe him down. I insisted otherwise. Keith just shook his head and let me do as I wish, because he knew there was no point in arguing. While Easton enjoyed his bath time a little earlier than planned this morning, it finally hit me…

When he was an itty bitty baby, I would rush to wipe his face or hands if he got the smallest bit of something on him. I thought that was my duty – to help him with things that he couldn’t do. I know I wouldn’t want something on my face or hands. However, now that he is a toddler, learning independence and needs to be “all boy,” I realized that my actual mommy duty was to allow him to be a kid. Kids get dirty, they eat with their hands, they put peanut butter in their hair… it is part of it.

So my promise to you, Easton, is to let you be you…hopefully, with the help and encouragement of your Daddy and me, you will find the joy in finger painting, playing in mud, and any other activity that makes you smile. Even if it requires a little extra soap or an ‘un-scheduled’ bath, I hope that those are memories that last a life time…as those most special moments are rarely planned. I love you, Easton!


3 thoughts on “A Promise to my Little Puddin’ Face

  1. He will be just as fine as you were after your first mud-pie making……oh yeah…and…your mom was kinda horrified too…lol

  2. I could just see you in a cleaning frenzy on this one! I can tell you it gets better but I would be lying! Boys are NASTY! (I laughed out loud at the “un-scheduled bath” comment!)

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