Tutorial Tuesday: Re-usable, Homemade Dryer Sheets

Even though they are pennies per sheet, I hate throwing away dryer sheets. It’s like….well, throwing away pennies!

I rarely go to the laundry detergent aisle at the supermarket anymore, after making my Homemade Laundry Detergent; therefore, I don’t really think about whether or not we need dryer sheets. Therefore, I get in to the predicaments from time to time of being out of dryer sheets. What a bummer…

So, I decided to fix that issue and make some longer lasting, better, and somewhat eco-friendly homemade dryer sheets (more so than the purchased dryer sheets, at least, that I’m tossing after every load). I’m glad I did! They were so easy to make, took less than 15 minutes, cost me ZERO BUCKS (thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, Kelly, I had everything on hand) and they smell absolutely fabulous!

So, I digress… on to the tutorial!!!

Re-Usable Homemade Dryer Sheets

 What I used:

  • An old t-shirt (I used 100% cotton so that it wouldn’t fray when cut) **donated to the craft pile by Kelly**
  • Scissors
  • A medium-sized plastic container (I re-purposed a baby wipe container that I had stashed away)
  • Liquid Softener **donated by Kelly when she moved away**
  • Hot water

How I did it:

  1. Cut the t-shirt into rectangles that will fit into your selected container. (Would you have guessed that I made mine the size of……Baby Wipes??!!)
  2. Place the rectangles into your container.
  3. Mix up a solution of 4 parts liquid softener and 10 parts water. Pour the solution over your rectangles.  Close the lid on the container and shake. (Warning: if using a wipe container, you may want to do this step in another container as the solution will leak out the top.)
  4. Allow 48 hours for your new ‘sheets’ to soak up the solution
  5. When you are ready to dry a load of laundry, simply remove a sheet, ring it out slightly and throw in with your other wet clothes, just like you would with a store bought dryer sheet.
  6. Used sheets can be put back into the container to be re-used!
  7. Re-use and enjoy.
  8. Use again, and enjoy.
  9. Okay…I think you get the point!

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